ZenDough Granola

Toasted oats, puffed quinoa, flax seed, blueberries, cranberries, pepitas, honey, orange, and brown butter.


Blueberry-rye Muffin

Tender, fluffy muffins with a hint of rye and chock full of wild blueberries. Topped with a crunchy streusel.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Rotiboy

Soft, sweetened roll stuffed with a mixture of white and dark chocolate, cinnamon, and chilies, and topped with a super crisp chocolate-chili crust.


Brekkie Cookie

Whole wheat, oats, puffed quinoa, maple syrup, almonds, pecans, carrot, and dark chocolate… because its totally ok to have cookies for breakfast.


Babka Muffin

Rich brioche bread swirled with season fillings. (Current flavor: dark chocolate)


English Muffin

These grilled savory muffins are pillowy, light, and waiting for some fresh butter or jam.

2 (18/dozen)

Vegan Olive Oil Banana Bread

Not your grandma’s banana bread! Our banana bread is fluffy, sweet, 100% vegan, and full of healthy omegas!


Mikey’s Cinnamon Rolls

These fluffy cinnamon rolls are a take on Chef’s Dad’s recipe. Using the tangzhong method, these cinnamon rolls are the softest around.


Additional 2 per serving to add 30mg CBD

 (Additional charge can be added for increased mgs.)