We’re “Eat Dessert First” kinda people.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

The best chocolate chip cookie ever. Seriously. Trust us.


Campfire Cookies

Graham cracker cookie with toasted marshmallows and filled with smoked chocolate ganache.


Peanut Butter Middles

Gooey brownie cookie filled with crunchy peanut butter.


Rose and Harissa Sandwich Cookie

Rose petal scented shortbread cookies sandwiched with spicy harissa buttercream


“Liquid Gold” Hi-hat

Dark chocolate cupcake with salted caramel filling, crème fraîche buttercream, and coated in a thin shell of dark chocolate. Finished with gold.


Chef’s Favorite

“I’m obsessed with the flavors in this cupcake!” Pineapple cupcake filled with lime leaf and Thai basil seed curd, Thai bird chili-lemongrass buttercream, and finished with latik (fried coconut).


Pear and Pecan

Pecan cupcake filled with pear compote and topped with goat cheese buttercream, balsamic caramel, and candied pecans.


Bacon Praline

This sweet confection with NOLA roots is a family favorite. We added the bacon because… why not?


Sugar and Sprinkles Cookie

This over-sized sugar cookie is covered with bright yellow frosting and sprinkle.


Additional 2 per serving to add 30mg CBD

 (Additional charge can be added for increased mgs.)